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08 November 2014 @ 09:54 pm
Hello everyone! It's me! I made this journal for my upcoming fanfiction. Yes Arashi's fanfictions! I don't know if I'll be active a lot, but I'll try to update from time to time ;)

To know about me better, I am an Arashi fan since March 2013. I don't have Ichiban, it's hard to choose one :( I fangirling over all of them lol! So, I'm a Sakuraiba/Junba/Ohmiya shipper (I can ship everyone tho!). For now, I have manyyyyyyy ideas I want to write about, I hopw I'll be able to write about them all :( Just wish me good luck.

This post is an Index for my upcoming fanfictions *If there are*

Last update 2017.02.17

+ Bittersweet Love (Ohmiya, Matsumiya) *Dropped*

"I will rewrite it later"

+ Unwanted Meeting (Sakuraiba, Matsumiya)
+ A Story of Reality (Sakuraiba)

+ Sakuraiba February Drabble Writing Challenge
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23 February 2017 @ 09:48 pm
Title: Drabble Challenge - Day 24
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Matsumiya
Rating: G
Genres: Masquerade Ball AU, Slightly Fluff.
Summary: “They call me the dancing king.”
Warning: Un-betaed (English not my native language, pardon my mistakes)

[Day 24]
Day 24

Masked people are everywhere, all are the same, burbling and laugh in groups. Masaki feels dizzy while staring at the same masks, he needs to find his friend but he couldn't, how he will find him when he wears a mask as well? Even Masaki himself wear a mask.

Masaki takes a glass of wine from the waiter that walks around the hall. He drinks it with one shot, he needs to eat, it’s a waste not to eat when all kind of food are in front of him. He is on his way to the buffet when a person pats his shoulder.

“Aiba-chan, is that you?” The man asks, and Masaki knows this voice very well.

“Nino! Finally, I find you” Masaki cried and sighs in relieved. Nino smiles and introduces him to two handsome gentlemen who stand behind him. One of them is Nino’s partner in dancing, Jun. He wears a black dress with a touch of violet and silver on it, and wear a silver mask that had violet feathers, Masaki can see how sexy he is with these three moles he has around his pinkish lips, his sharp eyes, and thick eyebrows.

The other is Jun’s friend, Sho. He wears a golden waistcoat above a white shirt, with a black jacket and a glittering gold mask, his lips are full and sexy too.

Well, Masaki can only look at their lips since the masks cover half of their faces.

The four men go to eat and chat with each other until the lights turn off, and a white light shed on the middle of the hall, where there is a young gentleman hold a lady’s hand. They start dancing once the pianist, who sits at the end corner with a big black piano, plays a soft melody fits the kingly masquerade ball.

The whole guests dance with their partners after a short time, along with Nino who dance with his violet prince and left him alone with his friend. Masaki stands in his place nervously, should he ask J’s friend for a dance? Masaki really wants to dance but he is too shy to ask the single man beside him.

After a few minutes of thinking, Sho politely bow in front of Masaki and extend his hand “Shall we dance?” He offers with a gentle smile. Masaki smiles back, he really doesn't want to loose this chance so he holds Sho’s hand.

Sho pulls Masaki closer to him, one hand hold his waist and the other hold Masaki’s hand. Masaki put his hand on Sho’s sloppy shoulder. Then they dance harmoniously to the soft beat. Surprising, Sho is a good dancer, Masaki never thought he will be that good when he sees him eating furiously shortly before. He laughs shyly.

“What?” Sho asks he find it cute when Masaki laugh.

“I don’t think you were good at dancing,” He said, and his shy smile never disappear from his pretty face, Sho laugh along with him

“It may not show on my, but they call me the dancing king.” He boasts and Masaki laugh again.

That was the best dance Masaki had in a while.

- - - - -

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23 February 2017 @ 12:16 am
Title: Drabble Challenge - Day 23
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Rating: G
Genres: AU, Fluff
Summary: “They were wrong about you.”
Warning: Un-betaed (English not my native language, pardon my mistakes)

[Day 23]
Day 23

Sho rushes out from his work heading to his home. Again, he is late…

He enters his small simple apartment, it is dark and quiet. He did it again, he breaks his promise. Sho walks toward a room, it has a car-shaped bed. A little boy is sleeping innocently on it, and he isn’t alone, a pretty young man sleeps beside him, hugging him protectively.

Sho kneels beside the bed. Softly, he brushes his son’s hair ignoring the other man that sleeping with him in the same bed. “I’m sorry Ryo, I couldn’t make it to the dinner as I promised you” He whispers, staring at him with his depressed eyes. Sho makes a little place for him to lays down with them.

By the movements of the bed, the young man wakes up, he opens his eyes slowly and rubs them cutely. When he realizes that he fall a sleep he immediately sits on the bed, he looks at the person who lays down next to the little boy. “I’m sorry Sakurai-san, I-I was just telling Ryo a story then I felt sleepy” He apologizes, and ready to get off the bed not when a hand hold his shoulder and forces him down.

Sho smiles “I don’t mind it at all, Aiba-san. Stay here for tonight, I’m sure Ryo will love to wake up next to you” He offers while touching his son’s hair gently. Masaki lays down on the bed again.

“He will be happier if he wakes up next to you,” Masaki said.

Sho laughs bitterly “Why he will be happy for a promises breaker like me. They were right about me, I’m a failure as a dad,” Said the one who keeps on staring at his son's cute sleeping face.

“They were wrong about you.” Masaki corrects him. Sho looks at him questionably “They said you are a bad father for leaving your son with a babysitter every day, even on weekends, and not to plays with him or takes him somewhere”. He says. “But they don't know that you really care about him, you really do your best to please him, you eat and take a shower with him when you can, you but him toys, you hired me to look over him so you can work reassuringly, you are a wonderful father” Masaki compliments him with a bright smile on his face.

Sho stares at Masaki’s smile with tender eyes, he extends his arms and holds Masaki’s hand gently, taking him by a surprise. “Thank you.” He grins. Masaki holds Sho’s hand tighter.

Not after a long time, Sho falls a sleep in his son’s bed. Carefully, Masaki gets off the bed, he places a soft kiss on Ryo’s head, then he gazes at his patron, he looks exactly the same as his son with his round and chubby face.

Masaki can’t resist himself to not place a soft kiss on his cheek before leaving the apartment.

- - - - -

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21 February 2017 @ 11:18 pm
Title: Drabble Challenge - Day 22
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Rating: R
Genres: AU, Angst
Summary: “Take the pain away.”
Warning: Un-betaed (English not my native language, pardon my mistakes)

[Day 22]
Day 22

Sho done preparing his bed, he goes to the kitchen to drink a glass of water before he sleeps. After drinking some water, he looks outside his window, it is raining heavily, the thunder can be heard clearly, and the lighting flashing the whole city, it is scary to be outside right now.

He lays down on his comfortable bed, ready to sleep, not when he hears a knock on his door. Sho gets off from his bed in a panic, who will come to him at this hour on this stormy night.

Sho opens his door quickly, but get shocked once he saw his guest, it is his coworker. He can’t describe the man in front of him, he is shivering violently and he is wet, his clothes are ripped and dirty, bruises all over his face, and a bloody cut on the corner of his mouth. he looks miserable, but what scared Sho the most is his emotionless eyes.

“Aiba-kun!” He calls him worriedly and let him inside his living room. “What’s happened to you? W-who did that!” Sho asks, carries Masaki’s cheek softly, brings him close. The other didn’t reply, moves, or ever look at him, he just stares blankly at nothing as if he is a doll.

When Sho get no replies, he drags Masaki to his bathroom and put a towel on his head to dry his hair. He orders Masaki to undress until he gets him new clothes, but when he back again, Masaki still stand where he was not, moving an inch.

He strips Masaki by himself, and freaks out once he looks at his body, it filled with bruises, blue and purples one, with cuts all over his back, Sho gasps and take a look at Masaki who finally eyes him, his mouth forms a small smile, a tear fall down on his cheek but he didn’t breakdown.

Sho hugs him protectively and stroke his back gently “Everything is ok..” He tries to comfort him but all can feel is hot tears wetting his shoulder.

After treating Masaki’s wound, Sho let him sleep on his bed, and makes sure he is well covered. When he is about to leave, Masaki holds his wrist, but he wasn’t looking at him.

“It was their way to let me pay my debt” He starts saying. Sho kneels beside his bed, holding Masaki’s hand tight, and carefully listen to him. “I w-was scared” His words get out as whispers. “It hurts me…a lot, I tried to stopped them, but I was too weak, I screamed, shouted, kicked, but nothing goes off well” He sobs, then continue “The first one, the second, then the third… I felt hopeless, dirty, and unne-” Before he continues, Sho pulls him again in a hug.

“It’s ok, Masaki, it’s ok, you don’t have to continue” He already gets what Masaki is trying to say, and it will hurt him more if he keeps on telling him the story.

“P-please… Take the pain away.

- - - - -

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20 February 2017 @ 07:40 pm
Title: Drabble Challenge - Day 21
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Rating: G
Genres: Angst
Summary: “Why have you been avoiding me?”
Warning: Un-betaed (English not my native language, pardon my mistakes)
Note: A continuation for Day 11 Drabble, you will find it Here.

[Day 21]
Day 21

‘Strange! Strange! Is he avoiding me?’ Sho thought while he is dancing during their concert, he waves to Masaki, but Masaki just smiles nervously at him. Normally, he will wave back and do some silly moves but that is strange.

For the whole concert, Masaki never looks at him once or talk to him, he will pay more attention to the other members but not Sho, and that wasn’t the only thing, Masaki also will come to the concert's rehearsal a bit late, and leaves early, he avoid being with Sho in the same place alone. Masaki is completely ignoring Sho.


Sho sits one the resting room alone since he feels dizzy, the other members are rehearsing outside in the dome. He lays down on the couch and closes his eyes for a moment, he gets up immediately when he hears the sound of the door gets open, it is Masaki. Once his eyes meet with Sho, he smiles awkwardly.

“I wanted to go to the bathroom” He laughs nervously and was about to leave, not when Sho calls him.

“Aiba-chan, wait!” He said, and moves toward him, he pulls him into the room and closes the door. Sho captures Masaki between him and the wall. Masaki freezes in his place and looks at Sho, he shivers scarily because of the sudden closeness between them, he tries to make himself smaller.

“What..?” He hums faintly, enough for Sho to hears him.

“Why have you been avoiding me?” Sho asks. Masaki gulps, his hands become sweaty.

“I-I am n-not” He replies hesitantly.

“You are!” Sho said angrily “I know it! You are avoiding me, but why?” He asks again resolutely.

“I am not” Masaki lies, and avoids Sho’s stare. Sho get more angry.

“Stop lying! Why?” He raise his voice.

“I w-was awake that night” Masaki confesses, still avoiding Sho’s eyes. Sho takes a step backward away from Masaki “I heard everything, Sho-chan” He repeats. Sho knows, his relationship with Masaki ends just now, he gulps.

“Masaki, it was not like that, yo-” He tries to come up with any lie, just to not lose Masaki for a ridiculous feeling.

“I don’t notice it before, but it’s so obvious now” Masaki interrupts him. “Sho-chan, I do-”

“Don’t say it!” Sho disrupts him, he knows what Masaki will say, he will say something will hurt him deeply, he doesn't want to hear it.

“I’m so-” Masaki tries to apologize but Sho interrupts him again by a sudden yell.

“Don’t! I know your feeling from the first, don’t say anything” He pleases him.

“Sho-chan..” Masaki come close to him but Sho step backward, he stops him.

“Please leave me alone…”

- - - - -

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19 February 2017 @ 11:19 pm
Title: Drabble Challenge - Day 20
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Rating: G
Genres: AU, Romance, Humor, Slightly Angst
Summary: “Are you trying to have me dead after your comeback?!”
Warning: Un-betaed (English not my native language, pardon my mistakes)

[Day 20]
Day 20

The left side of the bed was empty and cold, he felt lonely, he missed the cozy arms that hugged him every night, and the deep voice that wished him a good night before he sleeps. When did all these things disappear?

He took a cushion and hugged it tightly to warm up his cold body, and not to feel lonely in this cold winter, he wished he will have another dream about his love-life.

It had been one year since his lover left him and went to study aboard in London. Since then, they were in a long-distance relationship, they never stopped from calling each other, but it felt different when the other isn’t beside him. He never cheated on his boyfriend, but he was worried, what if the other cheated on him or found another love, after all, one year wasn’t a short period.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A soft hand was brushing his hair, he opened his eyes slowly, looking for the source of the warmth, it was still dark, but he saw him clearly by the moonlight that gets through the window. “Sho..” He whispered, and extend his hand to touch Sho’s cheek, the other smiled… it felt so real.

He hugged Sho and felt his warmness because he knows once he opened his eyes, he will be no longer here. “Tadima, Masaki” Sho said gently, stroking Masaki’s back. Masaki just hugged him even tighter, then he just let himself sleep in these protective arms.

Masaki opened his eyes again, it was morning, and the bed was empty, but he could feel Sho’s warmth, he smiled bitterly, he knew it was just another dream. He gets up from his bed and went toward the bathroom to wash his face.

Once he opened the bathroom door his jaw dropped from the shock, he rubbed his eyes few times but the image in front of him never faded. His lover, Sho was brushing his teeth in their bathroom, he smiled when he saw Masaki.

“Ohayou,” He said. Masaki screamed.

“What? When? How!” He yelled. “Are you trying to have me dead after your comeback?!”. Sho laughed at him.

“I send you a message but you never reply to it,” Sho said, then he gargled.

“I nev- are you real?” He asked, since Sho looked thinner than before, and his hair was a bit darker. Sho sighed and stand in front of him.

“Yes, it’s me! I came yesterday, and you welcomed me and cried on between my arms” He said.

“I thought it was an another dream” He hummed, then he cried out “Sho~” He jumped on him and hugged him, Sho wrapped his arms around Masaki's slim waist.


- - - - -

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18 February 2017 @ 07:36 pm
Title: Drabble Challenge - Day 19
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Rating: R
Genres: Historical AU, Romance
Summary: “it’s our little secret ;)“
Warning: Un-betaed (English not my native language, pardon my mistakes)

[Day 19]
Day 19

A cold breeze hits his smooth cheeks softly, a weak smile shows on his face while he is watching the bright full moon, and the sakura’s petals that fall down on his room’s backyard, he loves to look at this scene every night, where it’s quiet and nobody bothers him.

When he feels sleepy, he gets inside his room, but suddenly, a hand covers his mouth, and hold his right wrist. With one fast move, he gets traps between his futon and a veiled man. He is the heir of the empire, and he has many enemies want to kill him, but he didn't think his end will be that soon. The heir tries to move but the man is strong enough to not make him move or talk.

“Shh, it’s me” The veiled man whispers. The heir know this voice very well, he stops fighting and looks at these eyes carefully. The man removes his hand and his veils then smile at the heir.

“S-sho! What are you doing here? What if someone sees you!” The heir scolds him. Sho hugs the heir tightly, taking him by a surprise.

“I miss you, Masaki..” He said. Masaki grip on Sho’s black garb, and breaths heavily on his ear.

“I miss you too, but you know, you shouldn’t enter the castle. What if someone finds yo-” Masaki said worriedly, but Sho interrupts him by a sudden kiss. Masaki replies the kiss with entering his tongue inside Sho’s mouth.

Sho is a ninja, and as it is known, ninjas are Aiba’s empire's enemies. It just happened to Aiba to fall in love with a ninja, he knows that Sho isn’t bad as all ninjas are, he is kind and veracious, but whatever he is, Aiba’s father will kill any ninja he finds. It is very dangerous for Sho to enter the castle, but as a pro ninja, he will not let anyone find him.

Their kiss becomes noisy and wetter, Masaki's hand are on Sho’s waist, and Sho’s hand moves slowly inside Masaki's yukata, touching the back of his left thigh gently, then it goes upper to his butt, he slips one finger inside his hole, moving it in and out.

Masaki breaks the kiss and moans loudly, Sho smirk and enjoy Masaki’s moans. Few seconds, someone knocks the door of Masaki’s room. “Masaki-same, are you ok?” He asks, and Masaki panic, he tries to stop Sho.

“I-I’m o-ok,” He gulps, still trying to stop Sho before the guard enters his room “I just hurt my leg” Masaki add.

“Shall I call the doctor?” He asks.

“No, no I’m ok, just leave and let me sleep” Masaki orders him, and the guard left. After Masaki makes sure no one is around his room, he pushes Sho away.

“Stupid! What if he enters the room” Masaki said angrily. Sho smirks.

“It’s your fault for moaning loudly” Sho tease.

“No one should know about us Sho, and please leave before something happened”

“No one will know because… it’s our little secret” He winks and attacks Masaki again, not letting him go.

- - - - -

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17 February 2017 @ 07:21 pm
Title: Drabble Challenge - Day 18
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Rating: G
Genres: Slightly Angst, Romance, Slice of life
Summary: “I wish you were here right now.”
Warning: Un-betaed (English not my native language, pardon my mistakes)

[Day 18]
Day 18


Sakurai takes a tissue and wipe his nasal mucus, since yesterday and he can’t stop from sneezing, his body temperate reaches 40C, and he can’t get off the bed, he is shivering under the light blanket, he can’t remember when he has his last meal, ‘probably yesterday?’.

He takes a day off from the work until he feels well, but by this, he may never back to the work. He needs to get off the bed, ‘what is time now?’ He lost realizing of the time, and he didn’t bother himself to look at the time, ‘maybe it’s noon?’ He thought but he honest knows since the sky is cloudy, and a strong wind outside.

Sho gets off the bed, wrapping himself in a blanket, he thought of taking a hot shower, but he forgets to turn on the heater, he sighs annoyedly. After turning it on, he goes to the kitchen, maybe he will find some eatable things in the fridge, he can’t find any already made dishes, but he finds a cup of ramen. ‘It’s better than nothing’ he made hot water for the ramen then he goes to the living room, with his ramen and a jug of hot water.

He lays down on the couch with the blanket on him, waiting for his ramen, he looks at a photo of him and his boyfriend settle in a white frame and placed on the rack above the television “Masaki” He whispers weakly, his boyfriend goes to Osaka for a business trip for two week, it’s already been one week since he left.

“I wish you were here right now.”

Sho murmurs powerlessly, he thinks of Masaki, when he takes a good care of him when he is sick, he cooks from him, help him in his shower and dressing his clothes, and make sure he is well covered and feel warm before give him a soft kiss on his forehead. “Masaki..” A single tear falls down before he falls asleep again without eating his food.

After few hours, he hears a familiar voice calls him, the lovely voice he really loves “Sho-chan! Wake up!” He opens his eyes and finds an angel’s face in front of him, he smiles in relieved.

“Masaki..” He calls sickly. Masaki helps him to sit probably, he strokes his back softly and put his forehead on Sho’s sweaty forehead.

“You’re burning! Can’t you take care of yourself for few days!” Masaki scolds him and goes to the bedroom and back with new clothes and a warm towel to clean his body.

“How do you know?” Sho asks lazily.

“Ohno-san told me you are sick and haven’t come to the work for three days,” He said and help Sho to take off his wet clothes.

“It’s already been three days?” He asks himself, while Masaki cleans him.

“Ugh, what will happened to you if I’m not here” Masaki sighs angrily.

Sho just smiles at him faintly.

- - - - -

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16 February 2017 @ 07:29 pm
Title: Drabble Challenge - Day 17
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Rating: R
Genres: AU, Angst
Summary: “Why are you making weird sounds over there?”
Warning: Un-betaed (English not my native language, pardon my mistakes)

[Day 17]
Day 17

In a big party in one of the biggest bar in Ginza, where there are hundreds of men, loud music, disco floor, and everyone is dancing. It’s noisy, Masaki hates parties with people he doesn't know, and he hates meaningless parties. He doesn't really want to come, but his friend Sho Insisted.

Before he knows, he left alone in one of the tables, drinking his cocktail all lonely. He don’t know anyone, and he don’t want to make friend with any of these drunk people, or those who dance suggestively with each other, or those who kissing noisy, which Masaki tried to ignore them, but also, he already notice a pair of short young men making out at the corner of the bar, publicly. He gulped. ‘This isn’t a normal party, this is a sex party’ Masaki thought.

He stands up from his place, he needs to find Sho and tell him he will leave, because he can’t stand all this shit. He can’t find him on the dancing floor, but he notices him going toward the toilet, without hesitating, he goes there, and he successfully mange to reach the toilet after a couple of perverts tried to touch him.

Surprisingly, Masaki didn’t find anyone making out in the toilet since there are rooms upstair. He couldn’t find Sho either, but before he leaves, he heard his voice, perhaps his moans. Masaki gulps, he stands in front the cabin.

“Sho-kun, Why are you making weird sounds over there?” He said hesitatingly, but his face immediately turned bright red, when he hears another voice coming out from the same cabin. Masaki froze in his place, he couldn’t move. Not because he find his friend like that, but because his friend is his crush as well, he feels the tears forming in his eyes, but he wipes them once the door get open and Sho with a stranger pretty man come out.

“Oh Masaki, what do you want?” Sho asks him as if nothing happened, the unknown man hangs his arms around Sho, kissing his neck. Masaki couldn’t utter a word because of the shock, and any second his tear will fall down. When Sho finds it wried, he pushes the man away “It’s enough” The man leave angrily.

“D-do you normally do it with anyone?” He asks trying to sound normal. Sho nods simply.

“It’s my way in enjoying” He answers while washing his hand. “So, what do you want?” Sho asks again.

“I’m not feeling well, I guess I’ll back home” Masaki informs him, and Sho worriedly put his hand on Masaki’s forehead.

“Are you sick?” He said weirdly, Masaki feels his heart explodes by the soft touch, he pushes Sho’s hand, and run away.

He runs out from the bar, crying his heart out.

- - - - -

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15 February 2017 @ 08:23 pm
Title: Drabble Challenge - Day 16
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Rating: PG-13
Genres: AU, Humor, Friendship
Summary: “Do you smell something burning?”
Warning: Un-betaed (English not my native language, pardon my mistakes)

[Day 16]
Day 16

They are just a normal roommate in the high-school campers. Their relationship is nothing more than a Senpai and Kouhai. Besides, they barely see each other since both don’t come to the room until night.

The Senpai, Sakurai Sho, is a smart boy with high grades, he spends most of his time on studying. The Kouhai, Aiba Masaki, is a careless student, he studies sometimes, but he prefers to chill with his friend and going out rather than studying. One day, Sakurai was in the library, working on his report, while Aiba met with his best friend in his room.

“How is it the life with Sakurai?” His friend, Nino, asks, getting out a cigarette from his pocket and light it up, he gives one to Aiba.

“Nothing special I barely spend time with him” Aiba answer, smoking his cigarette.

“Eh? Nothing happened! And I thought you’ll make a quick step toward him” Nino said in disappointment.

“I’m gay, but I’ll not jump on everyone!” He said clearly.

“What a waste! At least I made my move toward Oh-chan” Nino said proudly.

“You’re lucky, I wish I could make a move on that geek too,” He said and Nino laughs at him. They snuff out their cigarette and Aiba throw it in the trash beside Sho’s desk. Then, they go out to eat their dinner in the school's cafeteria.

After that, Aiba back to his room and there he finds Sakurai in the elevator. “Good evening, Sakurai-senpai” Aiba greets him with a shiny smile, Sho replies the greet with another smile and a nod. They both wait until the elevator takes them to their floor.

Before them opening the door of their room, Sakurai asks “Do you smell something burning?” They both get panic and open the door quickly, there is a fire coming out from the trash beside Sho’s desk, already burning some of his paper.

Both screams, and go to the bathroom and bring a pail of water to extinguish the fire. Luckily they manage to do it easily since the fire wasn’t that big, but it was too late since it burns a few of Sho’s paper. They sigh in relieved, and fall in his own bed, they didn’t tell the school since it’s already late and it will make a big fuss.

Sakurai looks at the trash again and he notices a cigarette. He takes it and looks at it carefully before he shows it to Aiba. “What is this?” Aiba’s eyes get wide, his jaw drops.

“I-it’s..” He doesn't know what to say, but he kneel in front of his Senpai and apologize “I’m so sorry, please don’t tell the school, I’ll do everything you want but don’t tell them” He said, not taking his head off the ground.

“Everything..” An evil smirk appears in Sho’s face.

For the whole night, Aiba rewrites all the paper that get burned, while Sho enjoys his comfortable bed.

- - - - -

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